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Here is a little Bio of my life around motorcycles.

   I have been riding motorcycles since 1983, however the two wheel bug was planted in 1971 when I was able to ride on the back of my Uncles Triumph Bonneville while on a family vacation at the age of 11. I started reading Easyrider Magazine at the age of 16 and was attracted to the biker lifestyle immediately.

I got that first “Dream Machine” in 83. All I can tell you about that bike is it was a late 60’s BSA “rat” chopper (translation – “piece of shit”). I got way more miles on that bike pushing than riding. None the less the passion was embedded. From there I owned two Yamaha’s, one an inline 4 cyl 550 the next a 920 V-twin Virago. It was a bastard model that was of a European design that was poorly modified to resemble a Harley. But it had straight through staggered duel exhaust and it was loud and fast compared to the Harleys of the day, (’86 mostly shovelheads, Evos had only been around for a couple of years) In 1990 I got the “Real Dream Machine” a 1975 Harley-Davidson Super Glide! I had arrived! From ’91 till ’95 I was involved with ABATE/CMRO in Ohio (a motorcycle rights organization) to ward off a potential helmet law there and to fight against biker discrimination. Ohio still remains a helmet free state. Since then I have owned a string of old motorcycles: the 75 FXE I wrecked in AZ and the drive train went into a 1967 Denver Mullins of Denver’s Choppers Single down tube frame and springer / 1970 Harley Servi-car / ’76 FLH, which became a rigid frame bobber / ’78 FLH / ’98 FLH Classic from there, brought me to a more modern motorcycle a 2010 Roadking that was a beautiful bike and great ride and I’ll leave it at that. Went back to an Evo, a ’98 Lowrider and then to my current ride 2011 Suckerpunch Sally which is Evo powered.

So you just can’t have all those bikes, especially the old ones with out getting your hands dirty and collecting a few parts along the way. I’ve worked in the automotive industry for 19 years and then went into the transportation industry for the next 17 years, which brings me to Awe Schucks, combining two things I enjoy. So I encourage you to check out my website often, as I will continue to improve it. I ask you to allow me to become Your Motorcycle Transporter and you also just might find that part or item you have been looking for. Thanks for checking out Awe Schucks! 


If your standard motorcycle or scooter is to be picked-up and dropped-off within the perimeters of Hwy 183, I-35, I-71 and Mopac, the Special rate is $50Outside those perimeters is the Standard rate of $60, which includes the first 20 miles.